Bugis (Banawe) Updated

PRICE RANGE: Php 100-180

ADDRESS: 78 Nicanor Roxas Street, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Monday – Sunday 8am-12am

The outside is not grand and a bit dark. There are street children standing-by waiting to assist cars with parking. The inside is small and cramp. The walls and floor is not spotless but bearable.

UPDATES November 16, 2016 – A lot has changed since my last review of Bugis. It’s moved to the other side of the street, expanded its restaurant and all in all just proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Aside from the added parking space in front which was a problem before, the exterior of the place is now bright and so very inviting. The inside is painted bright green and the floor’s white. How can you get brighter than that? They have their own restroom which is a must. I’d say very gigantic improvement. GO BUGIS!

The staff are great! They are nice and accommodating. They know what the best sellers are with matching fast service.

UPDATES November 16, 2016 – Some of the same people are still here so I’d say that’s part of the reason why their service is still great. They’re very accommodating and will not let you off without a smile. 🙂

I ordered the “Sizzling Porkchop with rice”.

For Php 135, this is a good buy because of its big serving. It was very filling. It tasted mostly of gravy and not much of the porkchop but still yummy. However, I would buy a tastier meat even with smaller serving if I wasn’t too hungry.

P.S. I heard their shakes are best sellers. I’ll come back and try them myself next time. My sister says the mango tastes so refreshing! 🙂

UPDATES November 16, 2016 – I found a new favorite at Bugis. It’s their Steam Boat!


It just takes me back to Singapore where steamboats are abundant. I can feel the heat calming my body with every spoonful I savor. There’s fish balls, beef, tofu, noodles and a whole lot of other stuff for you to gobble up. You’ll see people in basketball jerseys and work attire here any time of the day because it’s a place for everyone. If you want cheap and tasty, Bugis is the place to go.

The restaurant offer different foods. The menu is seen below.







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