Onboard Game + Gastropub

PRICE RANGE: Php 180-600

ADDRESS: Level 1, Circuit Lane Makati, Riverfront Drive, AP Reyes St, Carmona, Makati

Monday – Thursday 4pm-12mn
Friday 4pm-2am
Saturday 12nn-2am
Sunday 12nn-12mn

If you don’t plan on eating or drinking anything, you have to pay Php180 per person which I thought was definitely worth it considering some of the games can last 6 hours. If, however, your bill does reach Php180 per person and above, you don’t have to pay for anything else other than your bill.

It’s exterior is quite nice. They have a bar so you can drink while enjoying your cigarette. BUT their boardgames are not allowed outside so you’ll just enjoy talking to your company OR you can bring your own boardgame and they’ll allow you to play it outside which was what we did while we waited in line. πŸ™‚ Glass doors open up to a vibrant game house with decors of personalized Cards Against Humanity deck cards and their handful selection of beers. Best of the lot though is their two floor-to-ceiling shelves of boardgames. Some of the games last 10 minutes, others can last up to 6 hours and it doesn’t matter if there’s 2 of you or 10, Onboard is designed to be entertainment for every group.

Their staff is very nice. Although there are times that they forget your order, they move fast so when you ask for water, it’ll be there within 5 minutes. If you’re having trouble with a game, they have Game Masters who you can ask for help. Their sole job is to make your life easier and explain the game without the need for you to read the game’s instructions. (Thank God for this!)

I could say nothing bad about their food!Β Everything I’ve ordered so far has exceeded my expectations. Considering that this is a boardgame restaurant, I was blown away by their juicy meats and comfy milkshakes! I’ve attached the menu at the end of this article.

For parties of 4 and up, you have got to order the Nacho High (Php 399), it’s a crowd favorite. It’s not literally nachos but fried wanton chips with sliced sashimi tuna, strips of seaweed, and a generous drizzle of mayo. Another crowd favorite is their Mushroom Pesto Croquettes (Php 220). They look like meatballs but when you bite into it, their quite mushy but in a good way with a crispy, crunchy outer layer. These are perfect for sharing.

If you’re ordering for yourself, go for their Tapa and Garlic Confit Rice (Php 240). It’s very homey and the traditional filipino breakfast food. Ask for the waiter to cook the egg just right since sometimes it comes out almost hard boiled.


You can also order their Grilled Apple Bacon Porkchops (Php 350), it’s the photo above. When I tried their porkchop on their first day of opening, it was very different from what it is now. I loved their porkchop before. I don’t know why they changed it but the new porkchop is not bad. I love that it’s cooked just right, with a pink middle. Their milkshakes tiesΒ it all together. It’s the perfect end for the evening. Their Ferrero Nutella Landslide is THE best choice for chocolate lovers out there. Just look at it!


Their menu doesn’t include coffee but they do serve it. We sometimes last 8 hours playing a game and though it is fun, it can be quite tiring specially the ones that burn out my brain. Just ask the waiter for a brewed coffee and they’ll serve one for you. Energy Boost! They also have cocktails, mocktails, beer and almost all liquors you can think of for a more enjoyable, tipsy gathering.

You don’t have to make reservations but I would recommend it specially if you’re going on a Friday or on a weekend. For reservations, give themΒ a call during operating hours at 0922-8866823 or 02-3403560.


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