Kam’s Roast Goose (Wan Chai)

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ADDRESS: G/F Po Wah Commercial Center, 226 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

Monday – Sunday 11:30am-9:30pm

Get off of Wan Chai MTR station then take Exit A4 which would lead you directly to Hennessy Road. Right after you exit, turn right. You should be walking away from McDonald’s. When you cross Fleming Road, you’re almost there! Continue on straight and you’ll see Po Wah Commercial Center Building on your right.

You can also take the bus though Hong Kong’s MTR system is one of the easiest to navigate. When getting on a bus, if you don’t have an Octopus card, the card that links all of Hong Kong, be sure to have exact money on you since the buses does not give out change. Get on a bus with a stop on Fleming Road, Government Primary School, Hennessy Road but be careful because Hennessy Road is a long stretch. If you sleep on the bus, you might end up on the other side of town. Most of the buses stop here. You can take Bus numbers 10, 31, 2A, 2X, 8, 8P, 23, 23B, 25A, 26, 37A, 75, 90, 97, 601, 680, 680A, 680B, 680P, 914, 948, N8, N90, N619, and N680.

Kam’s Roast Goose is a 1 star Michelin awarded restaurant in 2015 and 2016. From the name itself, you can probably guess what their best seller is, Roast Goose. Outside, you can see geese and chickens hanged and lined up for our blissful consumption. While waiting in line, you can see the chef hanging chopped geese heads right after they finish plating its other parts. Inside, it’s cramp and the place is small for the mass that demands to be served by it. The restaurant only seats 30. However, all that table bumping and excusing so you can pass will all be worth it. Expect to sit elbow to elbow with a stranger since if there’s only two of you, they’ll efficiently sit you on a four capacity table that’s already sitting two other customers. Don’t mind this though cause if you want to sit on a table with only your party, you’d be waiting in line for a while.

This restaurant is a family business so you can see the bond between the staff and how efficient they are with their work. Don’t speak Chinese? Don’t worry! They have people who speak English so your order will come out the way you like it. They’re super friendly and is happy to accommodate. However, with all the buzz around, they won’t have time to chit chat. It’s fine though cause you’d be using your time praising the chef for the heavenly meal. 😉

Now let’s talk about their unbelievably godlike eats. There’s really only three reasons why we come here over and over again and that’s their roast goose, BBQ pork, and steamed chicken. Don’t get me wrong, the other foods on their menu are good too but these three are to-die-for! I’ve even attached the menu at the end of this article in case you want to try their other servings. My family and I never leave Hong Kong without feasting on these three dishes. Don’t tell me its juiciness doesn’t call out to you.


Nymphs luring me to my euphoric death. I’d happily die stuffing myself with these. Their steamed chicken is super moist. Not one part of the chicken is dry. The breast could pass off as a thigh! It’s that good! Their BBQ pork is marvelously tender. It’s incomparable to any I’ve tasted and I have gone to many Chinese restaurants. Believe me, this is the best. The goose is cooked just right but what makes it to-die-for is their sauce. The chef did wonderful putting this sauce together with the goose. The result? Explosive! My sister is not a big fan of sauces but when I finally convinced her to try it, she couldn’t get enough. The best part of this is you can order a whole goose that you can take home with you! Just order and they’ll put it on a carry for you. Get this, the goose has a passport of its own! Imagine that.

The next time you come to Hong Kong, make sure Kam’s Roast Goose is part of your must-visit places. By the way, they’re already packed by 11:30am so be sure to get there before they open or if you’re coming for dinner, you’ll want to come in by 5pm. Some foods are already sold out by then but the goose and steamed chicken are usually well-stocked. Keep in mind though that if you don’t want to wait in line or if you don’t have time to eat here but want to try it out, you can order their food to-go. This would save you some time and still lets you take home a little piece of heaven. 🙂

P.S. There’s news that a branch is opening here in Manila! Reading the owner’s problems though for transporting high-quality geese, there’s no telling if it will reach the standard that its branch in Hong Kong is famed for. Can’t wait to try it out!

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