Famous Kitchen (Tomas Morato)

*UPDATED branches and delivery on 5-18-2018*

PRICE: Php 130 – 1590

Scout Tobias Corner Scout Gandia Street, Tomas Morato, Quezon City
As of 5-18-2018, Famous Kitchen has expanded to 6 more branches.
Congressional, front of Town and Country Gardenville
Don Antonio Heights, beside Don Enrique gate
Lilac Street Marikina, front of Watsons
Robinsons Magnolia
Robinsons Galleria
Xavierville, Corner Esteban Abada

Monday -Sunday 10am-10pm




Outside, it’s quite dark but the neighborhood’s pretty open; no one lurking in the shadows when we went there at least. The Famous Kitchen’s sign just pop out at you against the dark. It’s pretty hard to miss. Parking’s ghastly when you come during peak hours so make sure you come early. It’s a typical roasting exterior with hanging white chicken and roast duck outside ready for customer’s tummies. Inside, it’s small. You won’t be able to take a seat without bumping someone but it’s a start-up and it’s also a typical roasting-restaurant set up. The small seating areas are kind of a standard for this type of start-up restaurant.

The staff are nice but a bit slow. Considering they’re just on soft opening and just getting the hang of things, we were served great. They’re very approachable. Just ask them anything; within reason of course. πŸ˜‰

I have to say, I don’t know if it’s because it was their soft opening but their food would be regular. Nothing special. It’s not great, it’s not bad but good enough. Considering that they’re located at Tomas Morato and there’s not much restaurant that offers chinese roasting food, I’d say they have aΒ great location, a good thing going for them so if you’re around Tomas Morato and want to eat chinese roastings, just walk on by here. It’s great for a short lunch or a small get-together.


We had a taste of their Roast Pork Belly (Sharing for 2) reasonably priced at Php 180. By the way, it’s not just 4 pieces. I came in late and this was what’s left of it but I’m sure as you can see from the photo, there’s just the right amount of fat. It was nice and juicy but wouldn’t be tasty without its counterpart: Hoisin sauce. Don’t forget this!


We also ordered their Famous Platter (Sharing for 3) priced at Php 360, it’s no wonder people are pouring in like there’s no tomorrow. Famous Kitchen is affordable and as far as taste go, good. Their Char Siu is the best of the trio. The roast duck also has a special sauce that goes nicely with it. Ordering rice is a must! With these food and sauces, my sister gobbled up 1 and a half cup of rice. ✌️


It’s hard not to get parched with the amount of food sliding down your throat. Famous Kitchen has a great variety of drinks you can choose from or you can always opt for water.


Tasted anything you want to take home? They have frozen selections of some of their dishes so you can enjoy them at home. How great is that! Also, if you want to give a whole roast duck or chicken as a gift, they have these neat carry boxes (picture on the left) that serve just that purpose. It looks very presentable and at an affordable price.

For delivery, contact their Tomas Morato branch through 09957358554 or call their Xavierville branch through their contact below.


If you want to take a look at what else they might be offering, take a look at their menu below. Happy eating! πŸ™‚


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