Hüttenhotel Husky Lodge (Muotathal)

PRICE: CHF 100-300 per night

ADDRESS: Hüttenhotel Husky-Lodge, Balm, 6436 Muotathal, Switzerland

This place is PERFECT for a 1 night stay depending on what you opt to do. If you love dogs and snow, this is a must. You have to come visit at least once. ❤️

Hüttenhotel Husky Lodge offers lots of things to do including dog sledding, skiing, snow boarding, snow show hiking, and even an outdoor adventure program. There’s also lots of options around the area. My family and I have never done dog sledding before so we availed their dog sledding tour.


The dog sledding tour included feeding the huskies which only happens once in a while and considering there’s only 2 dog sledding tours per day, not all who avail this tour gets this chance so we were sooo lucky! 🙂 Firstly, we were oriented by Marco of what we’re going to do, how we were going to do them and why things were the way they were. Marco was very nice. He came to our rescue when we needed it and explained everything very fluently. A woman was also there (I forgot her name 😦 ) to assist us. She couldn’t speak English but definitely tried her best. She was friendly and helped us when we were fumbling with the huskies even though the language barrier was something hard to get pass, she did great! We then socialized with the huskies for a bit and then went on to harnessing them and helping them get on the car. Here’s a tip, wear rubber shoes or something you can wash easily. They’re huskies so poop and all comes with them. There were 7 of us and only 3 dog sleds but it wasn’t a long wait. Just enjoying the view was a great way to pass the time.

Side story – while I was waiting for my turn, I played with one of the huskies who was injured and so was not part of the team carrying the sleds. She was super friendly and started to lick my face. I was laughing so hard and she was so big and heavy that I fell on my bottom and lied down the snow. When I got the chance to catch my breath and get up, I spied that my jacket had quite a distinctive brown stain on it. I didn’t want to think about what it was. Playing with her was all worth it. I didn’t mind at all. 🙂


The view was AWESOME. I haven’t been to anywhere that has this kind of view 360 degrees. It is just amazing. I couldn’t stop taking photos. Everywhere I looked, I just wanted to bring it home with me. The dog sledding tour started around 1pm and ended at about 6pm. Plenty of time for us to relax and roam the lodge after.

First of all, we DROVE to Hüttenhotel Husky Lodge which made our trip here much easier. We wouldn’t have been able to carry each of our almost 20 kilo luggage up the mountain! If you’re planning to commute, just bring a bag that you can easily carry. Bring drinking water, toiletries, and warm clothes.

If commuting, you can ride the train from where you are in Switzerland to Schwyz, Bahnhof station. From there, ride the bus going to Muotathal, hintere Brücke and get off at the last stop (27th stop – Muotathal, hintere Brücke). Then it’s about 20 minutes walk to the Lodge.

If driving from Schwyz, Bahnhof station, take Route 2 to Schützenstrasse. There will be signs pointing you the directions to Muotathal along the way. To make your life easier, rent a wi-fi so you can just input “Hüttenhotel Husky Lodge” and the GPS will do the work for you. It will cost you about CHF 6 per day.

The front desk opens at 8:30am but has a lunch break. It closes at 12pm to 1:30pm so be sure to come before or after these times. If you do come during their lunch break, roam around the property, take pictures or do what we did; play with snow. 🙂



Parking is not a problem. There’s lots of space for your car. Best of all, it’s FREE!

They have different types of rooms for your preference including rooms with mountain view, flat-screen TV, fireplace and a private sauna. Some rooms include free use of their sauna outside. Since there are 7 of us in our family, we opted for the Family Room which accommodates up to 8 people and totaled Php 13,768.

Our room was small, nothing fancy but comfortable. It consisted of a medium-length table, long chair that can sit about 5, and a bunk bed that can house 4 adults on top and another 4 adults at the bottom but the room had a private toilet which was a must for us since waking up in the middle of the night and walking out in the snow is a definite no-no. This type of room has no private bath so we used the shared bathroom to shower. It’s clean and spacious. Nothing to worry about in there. Our room, though just a few steps away from the dog kennel, was pretty quiet. We didn’t hear any howling or barking at night so we slept like babies throughout the night. Breakfast was included with our room. Their food was very filling, loved everything. They served eggs, bread, cheese, coffee and more AND they have free wi-fi. 😉

Because we wanted to save money, we bought our dinner from the supermarket before we came to the Lodge. We asked if we could borrow a water boiler which they happily provided us, thankfully. We ate our Cup Noodles and slept soundly right after but if you want to grab dinner at the lodge, they do have a restaurant that can serve you. It closes at 9pm and last orders are usually done around 7pm on Sundays.

Not everyone speaks English but a handful of them do so you’ll have no problem communicating with them. The receptionist was super nice. She personally saw us to our room and handled everything we requested. She made us feel very welcome. ❤️

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