Valero Eat Street 2016


Christmas is coming and the foodies made the day of December 6, 2016 crazy. Holidaze at the Valero Eat Street where lots of new and improving pop-up stores left our taste buds craving for more. Here’s what I tried and those that made my day so much better. I’ll post their branches at the end so you can try them too! 🙂

Kapoké is serving the popular Hawaiian dish, poké, which is a raw fish salad. Kapoké allows you to get combinations of your choice. You can eat it with salmon or tuna. Go for the sushi rice which is plain rice with a brush of rice vinegar to make it sticky and adds a hint of flavor. Though an additional 10 pesos, their mangoes are fresh and sweet. You have got to add them to your poké.


They’ve got lots of sauces that you can choose from. We tried the Momoa which was creamy and spicy. It was perfect for our poké with just the right amount of punch. We had to buy drinks though to balance that spiciness.

Streetside Bakers had selections of milkshakes and japanese cotton cheesecakes. Their cheesecakes were fluffy and scrumptious and with their packaging, it is a great option for gifting this holiday season. Their milkshakes on the other hand, there is definitely room for improvement. I didn’t like the whipped cream. It was too creamy for me. Though very instagrammable, the taste just didn’t match the way the milkshakes look. Maybe just add a little more of that ice cream. Ice cream makes everything better. 😉

Next stop, the Crunchy Crab. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this. It’s literally a whole crab in your burger! These were just selling like Santa giving out gifts. Everyone was so mesmerized by the crab’s bountiful booty. It’s crunchy, yummy soft shell crab that left me craving for more. I thought the overall burger needed a sauce to up that oomph factor but it was great nonetheless. The price is a bit steep for 270 pesos but with that crab, I can’t say I won’t be coming back.


Rafik Shawarma. The place that sold Wagyu shawarma. Mind-blowing. For 200 pesos, this was the most “sulit” food we had in this Eat Street. It’s super tasty, filling, and just downright heavenly. The Wagyu shawarma is one for the books! Great for work snack, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.

Lastly, before my stomach pop, St. Hale’s Torched Cookie. Selling for 150 pesos, a bit messy to eat but it’s nice; kind of has a homey taste to it. The salt up top takes the flavor to a whole new level. It’s not too sweet to make my throat gasping for water. The marshmallow’s nicely melted and the cookies were definitely a treat. This is a great alternative dessert for when you don’t want something cold.

There were a whole lot more pop-up stores but my stomach was going to explode if I had any more so there you have it! I’ll list their branches below so you can try them out. Thanks for reading. Til next time! ❤

Kapoké: 9846 Legaspi Street, Makati, Metro Manila
Streetside Bakers: 
SM City BF Parañaque, BF Homes, Parañaque City
Crunchy Crab: 
16 United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Rafik Shawarma:
 Tordesillas Street Salcedo Saturday Market Makati, Metro Manila
St. Hale Cookies: Online store. To contact them, dial 09778372015 

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