Mighty Quinn’s (Megamall)

Here comes my long-awaited restaurant! I’ve heard news that the NYC famous Mighty Quinn’s is to be opened here in the Philippines. It finally opened this Tuesday, December 13, 2016. I hurriedly ran to get a taste of their food. Here’s my verdict:

PRICE: PhpΒ 405 – 1450

ADDRESS: 3rd Floor SM Megamall, Fashion Hall

Monday -Sunday 10am-10pm



Their design is simple and modern yet captivating. The photographs they displayed were mouth-watering and delightful. The fast food type way of ordering is efficient. Food was handed out quickly and there were enough seats to accomodate at least 30.

The staff was friendly. They told us what tasted good and what tasted better. While we were eating, we were asked thrice whether our food was good and if we needed anything else. They’re very attentive and welcoming. Though people waited a bit in line to order because the staff were making small talk, it wasn’t bothersome.

It was their first day of opening but it’s as good as opened for me. I tried their Brisket and Pulled Pork.

You have a choice of whether you want the pulled pork with rice or bun. It was better with the bun; tasted like authentic pulled pork sandwich. It comes with coleslaw which can be creamy or vinegar. The pork was moist and soft. No better way to go for pulled pork. Their Brisket on the other hand, it’s top-notch. You can choose between dry or moist. I’ve always liked my beef juicy so I took the moist. I made the perfect choice and their dirty rice was heaven with the brisket. It also comes with the coleslaw. On the table, they’d have a BBQ sauce that goes well with both brisket and pulled pork. Don’t forget to try it. You might just drown your food in its goodness.

Quench your thirst with their refillable lemon iced tea for 110 pesos. You won’t regret it! It’sΒ divine. You can also add-in sides. I ordered the dirty fries just to try it. On my first bite, it tasted normal but after a few more bites, I noticed it was a bit spicy but still delicious that I couldn’t stop munching on these babies specially with my lemon iced tea. There was nothing stopping me. I’d totally recommend the brisket with dirty rice and lemon iced tea; best combination. I’ve attached their menu below so you can see all that they have to offer. Happy eating! πŸ™‚

Β 15577542_10208648275590614_1518684258_n

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