Cup Noodles Museum (Yokohama)

      The Cup Noodles Museum is THE thing to do here in Yokohama. Have a great experience making your own ramen. From making the dough from scratch to packaging it with your own design. Look at mine! hehehe I tried to make it look as cute as possible and memorable for my Japan trip.


To attend this class, it is 500 yen per adult. If you have a junior high school student with you, it’s 300 yen for them. Considering you bring home your ramen and provide everything like aprons, multi-colored markers, and gloves, it’s really quite cheap. The experience is worth every penny. Best of all, you get to keep a really cute cooking bandana as your souvenir! It’s a great way to experience authentic cup noodles. They have a few staff who speaks a little English so the language barrier is not such a problem here. The whole class lasts about 2 hours sometimes less depending on whether the class is full or how fast you guys make the ramen.

TIPS: Check their site first whether they’re open on the day that you want to go. They do close; sometimes due to maintainance or holidays. Reserve your slot 3 months before the day you want to attend. Sometimes 3 months ahead and their slots are already full so be sure to plan ahead. If you have reservations, you just have to bring a copy of your reservation or open up the note that they will email you and viola! You’re good to go.

BE WARNED, you can only use their reservation online through Japanese language. There is no English mode for online reservation. If you want to reserve in English, you have to call them personally. Since I was trying to save money and calling to Japan would empty my pockets considerably, I used google translate to translate each and every sentence, phrase, and word. Patience is a virtue. 😉 It was hard work but very much worth the experience. If you’re like me and you don’t read Japanese, the link below gets you straight to the page where you can make reservations so that would ease the process of reservation considerably. Just go to the link, click on the part that I highlighted in the picture. The reservation page should pop-up. 🙂


To make reservations, visit this link or call them.
Telephone: 045-345-0825
HOURS: 10am – 6pm

Hope you guys have as much fun as we did! ❤

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