1946 (Best Pork Bone Soup in Seoul)

PRICE: KRW 9,000 – 36,000

Google maps has not been updated so the roads will not look the same for some shops and when I searched for this gold mine online, there’s nada. Zilch. I’m not sure about the roads but I’m positive with the buildings. Here’s a screenshot of where it approximately is in google maps.

Take the subway. Get off at Hapjeong station and take Exit 5. You’ll see a road between a bike shop and CHAYU, go there. Go straight and when you see a big, beautiful, old-style restaurant on your left, turn left.

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Go straight until you see 1946 on your right.

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Monday-Sunday 10am-9pm

The place itself is alluring. It’s modern mixed with culture. You’d see old tea sets around the restaurant giving it that homey feel. It’s quite small, able to sit about 20-30 people, but we were never here during peak hours so when we ate here, we were the only ones dining; definitely made us feel like VVIP. There is no signal inside so any hope of using internet is out the window.

This is a family-run business. First off, you’ll be warmly greeted by a man with round eyeglasses. This is the son of the family. He knows just a little bit of English but don’t worry I have your back. πŸ˜‰ His mother and grandmother are the cooks. Both of them love to chat with guests. All three will be looking at you throughout your stay but that’s just because they want to be there when you need anything. Super friendly and accommodating, the grandmother and mother came from China but grew up and/or moved to Korea so if you know how to speak Mandarin, there’ll be plenty to talk about.

Now for the best part. I have got nothing bad to say about their food!! MenuΒ might look expensive but it really isn’t. The serving of most of their dishes are good for two people. They don’t have an English menu but I (kind of) translated it for you here: πŸ™‚


At first, we didn’t know what this was in their picture. It could’ve been fish, squid, beef, there’s so much possibilities! We asked the son but he couldn’t understand us. Language barrier! We finally ordered one just to try. It’s pork chop! So delicious! Just a hint of spice and great with rice. It’s not the best of the bunch though. I’ve reserved that for last. πŸ˜‰

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This is their Big Serving Two Bone Soup. We didn’t know how big it was when we ordered it but man was it huge. Could be shared by 3 to 4 persons. It’s good for big groups. There’s tofu, meat, veggies, ear mushrooms, little bit of glass noodles and a bunch of whole other stuff.

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THIS is the best of the bunch! Their Original Pork Bone Soup. The soup is positively bursting with flavor which was thanks to their technique of boiling the pork bones for more than 24 hours! The broth taste super clean, fresh, and classic. You can tell that it’s the real deal not the ones full of MSG.

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1946 is not the real name of this place but let’s just call it that. πŸ˜‰ Oh and as you can expect, their rice is super good, moist; not the grainy, hard ones AND it’s unlimited! This home-grown favorite is definitely a must-try. Tell me what you think when you have a chance to savor their soupy goodness. πŸ™‚


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