Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo (Best Soup in Manila)

PRICE: Php 105-750

2nd Floor, S Maison at the Conrad, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

Monday-Sunday 10am-10pm


Seeing that this restaurant is located at a hotel, the frontage was very spacious. It has the modern feel of a traditional Japanese entrance with the familiar use of wood and curtains.

There’s always someone standing outside to accommodate you. Even though there were lots of customers, the staff made sure to always keep an eye on the entrance in case people wanted to come in. These people know what they are serving. They are trained to answer all your queries and satisfy your curiosity. Ask them anything about the restaurant and they know it. Even when your questions might be super basic, they will not laugh at you and answer quite professionally. Water is refilled immediately and your soup including its contents will never get burnt. They will be there to oversee your meal without hovering over your table. My only problem would be that they seem almost robot-like in their actions but other than that, everything’s great.

The food, omg, the food! There are 2 items on their menu that I wanted to eat over and over again and you definitely should try this!


Firstly, your table will be served with sauces of four varieties. From left to right, Spicy Chili, Veggie sauce, Yuzu sauce (for your chicken), and soy sauce (for your meat). The yuzu sauce I thought was going to be refreshing like how Yuzu ice cream always tasted. This though definitely has a kick. It’s not spicy but your tongue will get knocked out by the strength of its aftertaste. Let’s just say I didn’t put this in my mouth a second time. The soy sauce is for other meats that you’d be ordering like salmon, or bacon.


These are what I consider to be the “golden eggs” of this restaurant. Though it’s super simple, it’s such a scrumptious, loving comfort food, the Nikumaki Onigiri which translates to “Meat wrapped rice”. It is soft Japanese rice cooked perfectly wrapped in special sauce glazed bacon. It comes in four flavors, the Original (topped with sesame seeds), Cheese, Yuzu-Mayo, and Spicy. Even just the Original was super worth it costing at Php 105.  Eat it with the lettuce. It balances out everything. I won’t be surprised if you order three of the Original and Yuzu-Mayo all for yourself. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back! Ugh!!


This is their main dish, Bijin Nabe. When you eat here, it is REQUIRED TO ORDER THIS. The photo at the top is 2 ORDERS. The photo in their menu is 2 ORDERS as well. One order really is good for 2 persons so if you come in and there’s 4 of you, you’ll be required to order 2 orders. If there are 3 of you, you’d still be required to get 2 orders which amounts to Php 1,500 since it’s Php 750 per order. If there’s 2 of you, you’d only be required to order 1.

It is called “beauty hotpot” since its soup is completely 100% chicken collagen, which is known to help dead cells and recreates glowing, healthy skin. Don’t be surprised if this place is packed not just with older people because everybody wants to be beautiful. 😉 You’d be ask if you want noodles or porridge with your soup. Go for the porridge. The rice sucks up the soup and makes it super tasty and enjoyable though the noodles isn’t bad as well.

At first, it’s very confusing since you don’t know when and how everything gets cooked but fret not, their staff will cook everything for you and if you don’t know, you can always ask. After waiting for the collagen to melt, you’d be given a small cup of the soup to taste then dig in for the chicken. The soup really is the star of this dish. It just melts all your problems away. A server will then put in the vegetables, mushroom, and everything else except the shrimp so the taste of the soup wouldn’t get mixed with seafood. After consuming all the vegetables, the shrimp is cooked in the soup, taken out, and then the noodles or rice is put in. The staff will ask if you want to refill the soup. The answer is HELL YES! 😀 The dish is nothing without the soup! Savor that healthy, super yummy, tummy hugging feeling. You’d definitely want to come back for more. ❤ If you want to add more to your order, their Chicken Nanban is also a best seller with a tartar sauce perfect with their chicken (Php 295 original, Php 310 spicy).

I have taken lots of my friends and families here and not one of them was disappointed. Everyone left with their stomach full, their taste buds elated and faces smiling. Hope you do too! 🙂

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