PRICE: Php 100-1200

187 N Averilla, San Juan, Metro Manila

Monday-Sunday 7am-11pm



A new comfort food & breakfast place in town, flossom really blossoms as time goes by and it seems this establishment is far from wilting. With great modern exterior and modern minimalist chic designs, this is a go-to place for all ages. The perfect place for get-togethers, meetings, and solo eaters. They have the essentials such as their own bathroom and a big enough space for about 50 people. However, parking can be quiteΒ  troublesome. Make sure to make reservations if you’re thinking of coming for dinner. They’re known for being fully-booked and walk-ins would need to wait in line. When we went here, the table beside us had the sign “Reserved” with the name and time of reservation. It said 6:30 pm. It was already 8 pm but still they didn’t give away the table. What a waste. The people who walked-in could’ve experienced their delicious food and great service.


Staff was awesome. We were immediately seated because we made a reservation. Our waitress was very attentive while still being able to give her other tables the same kind of care. Their staff looked great too. One of them has dyed silver hair which definitely is an eye catcher. It made her look more fashionable and sophisticated. Everyone looked great and presentable.


Considering they had their soft opening on November 18th of 2017, they’re on a roll. We went on January 11, 2018 and it was packed with people. Walk-ins weren’t even able to wait in line. They were suggested to come back and make reservations instead so they won’t have to be sent away. Make sure to get a reservation!

We ordered quite a bit of food and everything was so good. Even though the prices are a bit high, the service and taste makes it worth your money. Let’s dive in.


Here’s the creme de la creme. The best we had. Even though it’s just pancakes, bread, and fries, ham, bacon, egg and mushroom, this was the one that gave us the best experience. The Ultimate English Breakfast is good for 2! We were full by the time we finished this and we still had plenty of other foods. Although it looks and sounds like it’s easy to put together, this came out after about 30 minutes. I’d say they took their time. It’s still great though. You can even ask for more butter. It’s so good with the pancake and mushrooms! We ordered the Spicy Shrimp Pasta too. It’s okay. Spiciness level is light, not too spicy, barely there. Eat the bread immediately. It becomes cold after a few minutes and doesn’t taste as good.


We came back for breakfast the next day and had the Beef Tapa Flossom Breakfast. It tastes like normal good beef tapa. You can change the rice to chips if you want. You can also ask them to cook your egg to how you want it, sunny side or scrambled.


The Steak and EggsΒ comes with a rib-eye steak, 2 eggs, salad and potato wedges but they ran out of wedges so they changed it to chips. The steak was cooked nicely, soft and tender inside. Chips were crunchy but a bit bland.


TheΒ Pan-Grilled SalmonΒ originally comes with mashed potatoes but you can ask them to change it to rice. The lemon butter cream sauce was great! Perfectly moist, juicy salmon fillet combined with their sauce was without fail a pleasurable experience.

All the items under All Day Breakfast in their menu comes with your choice of either coffee or hot chocolate every 8 am to 10 am. The perfect way to start the day. 🌞

If you’re coming with a big group, try the Trash Can Nachos. The table behind us ordered it and we couldn’t take our eyes off. The waitress poured cheese over the nachos! 🀀 It’ll definitely be worth trying.

To make reservations, call them up at (02) 238-5857. The menu is down below for your perusal. Enjoy!


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